Top 10 Tips to Master Guns of Boom War – Best Strategies

Hi friends, if you are looking for top tips to Master Guns of Boom war, then you must check our article to master Guns of Boom war. We have summarized top 10 tips which will help you to become a leader in point table after every match.

Tip 1 # Choose current weapon according to the Game scenario

If you want the best advice to win Guns of Boom, then we recommend you to use Guns of Boom Mod which suites the game scenario. What does it mean is, you must know what are the characteristic of Guns and when to use them? First, you should know all game scenario of Guns of Boom.

Choose weapon according to the game scenario like if you are playing in desert-like the game, choose sniper rifle to take long distance enemy. If you are playing in a metro train or farmhouse, then use the close counter shotgun. If you are playing Warehouse night scenario, then you should consider using Machinegun with Sniper gun.

guns of boom guns

Remember to change guns when the situation arises, and you should be ready to use a grenade as a last option when you get surrounded by the enemy. Your survival in the game depends on the guns you choose and how upgraded your weapons are.

Tip2 # Headshot win the match

The best shot what you can get in Guns of Boom is “Headshot” whenever you get this prompt; it means you have killed an enemy by firing in his head. Headshot is the best shot which you can get in Guns of Boom. It also ensures spending of less ammunition and getting bonus points for killing. Always remember to fire at the head, but if you find it difficult to fire at the head, then shoot on neck or chest and then when your enemy settles down to go for a headshot.

Tip3 # Earn more points in Killstreaks

You can earn more points when you do “killstreaks” in Guns of Boom. Killstreaks means, killing an enemy in succession without getting killed by anyone. If you get chance, always target for Killstreaks which ensure you as a leader in point table and victory for your team. These are the points you will receive when you get killstreaks

  • When you kill 02 enemies in killstreaks= you will get 12 points
  • When you kill 03 enemies in killstreaks= you will get 25 points

Tip 4 # Use Grenades for maximum damage

Grenades are a game changer when using properly. Use grenades as a last resort or when enemy surrounds you, and you don’t have time to kill all those with your gun. Always remember Grenades are free to get, you will receive 05 grenades when you log in and 05 grenades when your watch videos. So, do not hesitate to use grenades when you think it is necessary to use it.

Tip 5# Move with Team

Always remember this is a team game, and if you do exception good with killing also will not give you a trophy if your team lose. So, move with the team and hunt together to win any match. It will also ensure your safety when you move with the team and contributing to them. There is a certain position which you should consider when you move with the team.

  • Front: when you are moving in front of your team take, an assault rifle with you.
  • Middle: if you are playing safe and stay in the middle position, then you should take a machine gun with you.
  • Rear: if you want to stay in the rear position, then take a sniper rifle with you. Clear all the enemy who is hiding overhead position for your team.

Tip6 # Choose Best Position and Kill

We recommend you to play Guns and Boom daily so that you should know all the game scenario by heart. Chose the best position where you can hide and shoot at your enemy. Every game scenario has many positions which give undue advantage to players. You have to spot those position and area, which you can exploit for your success. Do not get afraid of losing the game, try to choose a position and shoot the enemy.

Tip7 # Big weapons are game changers

Remember one thing, always go for buying an expensive and more powerful weapon. You will be surprised to know the how killing machine your new gun will be. Before choosing any new gun, check for its power and range with magazine capacity. Save game bucks and coins to buy new weapon and accessory; these will give you edge over other players in the game.

Tip8 # Pick up an enemy weapon

Do not hesitate to pick up an enemy gun when they die, if they upgrade one. It will ensure you, saving ammunition and better chance to kill the enemy. You will find enemy weapon revolve in the spot where enemy dies for some seconds, in those seconds you have to pick up those guns.

Tip9 # Upgrade your protective gear to win the match

One place where you can upgrade without any second thought is your Torso gear. It only has one gear, and you need to upgrade it without fail. You can choose different protective gear as well to boost your health or to enhance your protection. You will get three categories in protection gear section.

  • Head
  • Torso
  • Legs

Tip10 # start you fire after your teammate does

This is the most professional tips we want to give you whenever you are a match, and your teammates are firing at the enemy, aim at the enemy head and fire. It will ensure killing of the enemy, and you will get the point for that kill, your teammate will get killing assist point. Always start a fire on that enemy where your teammate is already firing at, kill them by putting a bullet in their heads and take all points.

Final words

We hope you got Top 10 Tips to Master Guns of Boom war.  We have play Guns of Boom many times and give tips based on our research, do not fall prey on those articles which did not even know how to play Guns of Boom and write articles on it. If you are an avid player, then you will know all the tips we have given here are true, and if you follow it, we will ensure you in the leader in the point table.

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