Toon Blast Tips to Clear Levels (2021 method)

Toon Blast rises to a height of pinnacle when Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) fame hero agree to part of the campaign. With some hilarious ads, Toon Blast captures the country attention and become a super hit.

Toon Blast crosses over $400 Million in revenue in the year 2021 due to the popularity of Ryan Reynolds and superb gameplay. Although Toon Blast was a leader in its category, it was not generating good revenue.

After Ryan Reynolds agree to part with these gaming apps, the sales become magnificent and hit all records.

So, what is the Toon Blast game is about?

Toon Blast is a 3-puzzle game which lots of pattern matching and game booster. You need to match three or more cube of same color and pattern to make them vanish from the board.

You can also make different combos which have some unique power and can clear many cubes in the puzzle board.

Toon Blast Tips and Tricks to clear all levels

Toon Blast game has designed all the levels in such a way that you can clear lower levels with ease. But as the game progress, you will face many hinderance and difficulty also increase.

We recommend you all to use these awesome Toon Blast hack to solve all your difficulty levels.

1. Start your game from the bottom

You need to start clearing any puzzle game form the bottom. This will ensure that you get many options as your cubes will come from the above. You can match different patterns and make combos when you start clearing from the bottom.

When you clear any bottom line of Toon Blast, you will notice a whole new block will come down and will give you a different pattern. Start clearing from bottom in any 3-puzzle game to avoid any stalemate.

2. Plan your move

Toon Blast is a 3-puzzle game which is like chess; you need to plan your moves. We recommend you plan 3-steps ahead to make any pattern. If you plan for any pattern, then look closely and try to make any combos.

Combos are those patterns which are created with more than 3Cubes. Plan your moves ahead and clear your levels.

3. Make combos to clear levels

There are three types of combos which you can make depending on how you match those cubes present in the matching board.

  • Rocket: these are special combos, and they clear whole rows or column depending on the blocks you use to create them. Rocket can be made by joining 05 similar color and pattern cube.

Always remember Rocket can clear rows or column, you should check the head of the rocket to determine how the rocket will behave.

  • Bomb: These are special combos which can clear eight adjacent cubes surrounding the cube. The bomb can be made by matching 07 cubes of similar color and pattern.
  • Disco Ball: if you use disco ball then it will clear all similar color cube in your puzzle board. Disco ball is difficult to create in Toon Blast puzzle board. You need to combine 09 cubes of similar color and pattern.

4. Use Booster to clear levels

Booster is great levels clearer in Toon Blast and will be available when you start clearing the levels. There are four types of booster available in Toon Blast; these are as follows

  • Hammer
  • Anvil
  • Boxing Glove
  • Dice Boosters

Always remember, Booster is difficult to get in the game; you can also use coins to buy these game items. The booster can be procured from Toon Chest and Star Chest.

5. Call Teammates for help

One of the best features which Toon Blast has added is the use of teammates. You can ask any teammate for help, and you will get “extra life” when anyone helps you.

These extra lives are great game savers, as they can be used to clear any levels in Toon Blast.

Final words So, now you know the top 05 Tips and Tricks of Toon Blast. Use these tricks to clear your levels in Toon Blast and become expert.

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