8 Method to Get fee Robux Without doing Surveys Or Verification

If you want to know free Robux without doing any Roblox hack or cheats, then you can go through our article. We have chosen very carefully all the working methods of 2021 which will help you earn free Robux codes.

How to Get Free Robux without any Roblox hack or cheats?

We have summarized some working methods to get free Robux without survey which you can use to get ahead of the competition.

Method 1: Purchase Builder Club

If you are an avid gamer, then you should purchase Builder club. Builder club is used to build game items which you can sell. Builder Club also provides some free bonus for first time user as well as it provides Robux (game money) every day. You should choose wisely for the bonus items and well as per day gift.

There are three types of builder club with following characteristics:

(a) Classic Builder’s Club

Classic Builder’s club membership will cost you around $5.95 Monthly and $57.95 Annually. You will also receive R$15 (Robux) per day with R$100 welcome bonus (one time). Choose this builder’s club if you want to check the game as you will receive a small amount of Robux every day, until your subscription last.

(b) Turbo Builder’s Club

Turbo Builder’s club is the most popular among player. Turbo Builder’s club will cost you around $11.95 Monthly and $85.95 Annually. You will also receive R$35 (Robux) per day with R$100 Bonus (one time). If you are average payer and want to get the hang of the game, then turbo builder club is for you.

(c) Outrageous Builder’s Club

Outrageous Builder club is the most expensive among all club. Membership will cost you around $19.95 Monthly and $129.95 Yearly. An outrageous Builder club member will also receive R$60 (Robux) per day and R$100 Signing Bonus (one time).

Method 2: Buy Starter Kit

Recently Roblox game has also started to give a big bonus if you purchase “Game Starter Kit.” If you purchase R $6000 (Robux game money) for $ 49.95, you also receive R$1500 bonus along with it. So, keep an eye on all the bonus which are going in the game. You will find that Big bonus keeps on coming during the Christmas or around New year.

Method 3: Buy and Sell in Builder’s Club for extra Income

If you have paid membership of Builder Club, then you can buy or sell collectibles at Builder’s Club. Selling and buying in Roblux game builder Club is like a barter system. It means that you can put your items for selling and if your friend like it he will barter it with his items.

You can also put Robux (game money) with your collective items to sell. You can even sell your own creating in Robux Builder’s Club.

Method 4: Create your Items and earn Robox

You can create your items such as clothing and weapon and sell them for Robux (game money). If you cannot create items, hire some developer to create for you. You can start trading your creative in Group recruiting plaza.

roblox game items

You can always find hundreds of users selling and buying their items in Group Recruiting Plaza. Here is the link to recruiting plaza for Roblox game:


Method 5: Get free Robox from Points Prizes

There are many legit websites which provide free Robox money for carrying out the small task. One of the trusted sites which provide Robox game money is PointsPrizes.com. You have to register free and start earning Robox money.

PointsPrizes.com is a unique platform which gives small task such as survey or filling our forms or giving your opinion on the certain product instead of Robox game money. You can also get 10% commission if you invite your friends in PointsPrizes.com.

Method 6: Sell Game Passes

Players can sell Developers product or game passes to earn free Robux. You can add you’re own creative such as gear or cloth on the game page, will get you commission when any one buys it.

roblox game passes

 Method 7: Join the group for earning

There are many active groups in Roblux forum where users are actively selling or buying collective items. All the Robux selling items in these group are deposited as group fund, which later on distributed equally among all group members.

free robux codes group

Method 8: Get free Robux by Official survey

Once a year, Roblux official team conducts a survey which can give you free R$1000. You have to answer 50 odd question in the survey, and you will be eligible for participate in the contest. After the survey is over, random 25 winners will be chosen from all the participant.

Final Conclusion

So, now you came to know how to get free Robux without using any Roblox hacks or cheats. We also want you to avoid all Robux hack online generator; these websites are 100% scam site. There are two types of scam going on in the internet. First one is online generator which will make the user complete the survey. Second is where these scam websites will try to install stub or .exe to the user computer.

Do not fell pray for these types of websites, never disclose your details such as email, credit card, password in such types of websites. Your email will be bombarded with all types of spam message in your mailbox if you share your email.

Be safe and use our legit method to get Robux for Roblox Game. Happy Gaming!

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