Coin Master Pro Tips to Clear Level Faster

Are you searching for Coin Master Pro Tips to clear your Level Faster?

Well, check these awesome Coin Master Pro Tips, which all pro players are using in their game to clear it fast and coming out Top in the leaderboard.

Coin Master game came to limelight when it crosses more than 50 million installs from Google Play Store.

Some of the features of Coin Master are given below

  • Coin Master is a free game for all Smartphone platform
  • Coin Master game is also available on the Facebook platform
  • You can play this game on Facebook and keep collecting coins
  • Now, you don’t have to open your smartphone for playing coin master
  • Sync all your account of Coin Master, i.e., Smartphone and PC
  • A clever mix of Casino style slot machine with building village game
  • You need to spin the slot machine to get game items
  • These game items will decide, what action you can take in the game
  • You can get hammer, Shield or Pig Face in the slot machine
  • Easy to understand and implement game
  • No Blood bath or shooting type of game
  • All age group can play this game
  • Connect your game with Facebook and save you progress
  • Check all the leaderboard in the Facebook
  • Attack the Coin master Village when you get Pig Face.

05 Coin Master Pro tips to clear levels

Tip 1 # Utilize all your coin in the base

When every you are about to end the game or want to log off from the game, utilize all possible coins in the base by building a house and other structures.

We advise, not to keep any unnecessary coin in the base, as when you are offline, your base will be attacked by all players, and it will be plunder for coins.

So, pro advise is not to have huge coins in your base, which may loot by your enemy.

Make a habit of spending all the coins when you are going to log off from the game to save your coins from the enemy.

Tip 2 # Invest in the Shields

If you are not able to spend all the coin in the base village, then try to invest in the shield.

Now, shield in Coin Master is the protection which you can use to stop any hammer blow.

Always remember, when you are log off from the game, every day three to four times the enemy can strike your base.

So, keep this in your mind and keep at least 04 shields to protect your village from plundering.

You can purchase a shield from the in-app purchase as boxes.

Tip 3 # Keep login daily to get free spins

You need to keep on login daily to avail Coin Master free spin from

You need to keep on login daily to avail Coin Master free spin from in the morning, which can be used to progress in the game.

in the morning, which can be used to progress in the game.

Always remember, there are no accumulative spins, which means that if you did not login for five days, you would not get hundreds of spins.

The game will award only the free spins, which awards every four hours.

You need to login daily to check your base condition; how many players attacked your village, and how many coins they have taken from your base.

Login in coin Master game also ensures that you will get free spin along with the new announcement and other activities like events details.

Make a habit of login daily in the Coin Master game to get those free spins.

Tip 4 # Connect coin master game with Facebook account

Connect your coin master account with the Facebook account has many benefits, some of them are as follows

  • Get free spin 50 – one time
  • Receive free coin master coins 100k -one time
  • You can now save your game progress in Facebook
  • Sync all your accounts of Smartphone with Facebook account
  • No need to play a game on Smartphone any more
  • Check leaderboard position of your friends and family members
  • You can invite friends and family members using your referral links and get free spins
  • Exchange or ask for rare Cards among friends and Family members

Tip 5 # Invest in your Pets

One of cute inclusion in the Coin master game is Pets, which are used to provide different functions in the game.

The game will keep on rewarding these pets when you keep on clearing levels.

Check how pets are useful in Coin Master game

  • Foxy pet will increase 20% more on coin fetching
  • Tiger pet will increase 20% more on attack
  • Rhino pet will help you defend your village

So, depending on the pets you want to keep, you need to activate them and use them on that stipulated time.

Final words

So, these are the Coin Master Pro Tips to Clear level Faster; we advise you all to start following these tips from now to clear your levels faster.

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