Apex Legends Character Guide

Are you looking for Apex Legend Characters guide to decide which one most suited for your game plan to earn free coins?

Well, today we have decided to reveal all the characteristic of Apex Legends characters which will give you edge over your opponent when you know what their characteristics are and how they can be useful under what circumstances.

As you all know, Apex Legends is the game of 03 people, and you need to have different characters in your team to complement each other. You cannot have all the team members from the same category. You need to mix them up so that you will get great help with their unique ability in the time of need.

Apex Legends Characters

Today we are going to discuss 05 characters of Apex Legends so that you will get the fair idea to choose these characters in what span of play.

  • 1.Bangalore
  • 2.Wraith
  • 3.Lifeline
  • 4.Gibraltar
  • 5.BloodHound

Let’s dig about these characters more and get some idea of how they can be used in Apex Legends.

1. Bangalore

We will list all characters under these three categories so that you will know how each of these characters fairs on their Characters with each other

Passive Double Time– Sprint Faster when Taking damage, can be used when under severe fire
Tactical Smoke Launcher – Can use Smoke Canister Projectiles that explodes
Ultimate Rolling Thunder – You can call an airstrike which can clear the targeted area

If you are using Bangalore, then you can use her power in the last phase of the match. You can call for an air strike and get all the area bombarded which will kill all the enemy hiding there.

2. Wraith

Passive Voices from the Void- It will inform you when enemies mark your location on the map
Tactical Into the Void- jump to void to avoid any damage
Ultimate Dimensional Rift – Place two portals which can be used by your teammates and you

Use this character when you want to avoid any huge damage from the enemy. she can change position without being noticed by an enemy.

3. Lifeline

Passive Combat Medic – Make Shield wall when reviving teammates
Tactical DOC heal Drone – a small drone which heals teammates
Ultimate Full of Care package plus quality defensive equipment

Lifeline is a healer, which has only one motive, heal your teammate and kill enemies. You will need this character in your team as she is a champion healer and can heal teammates with seconds. She can also summon Drop pod with good armor shield and medical supplies which can be life boon for your team.

4. Gibraltar

Passive Gun Shield – Can be used against incoming fire
Tactical Dome of Protection – Blue Dome Shield which keeps off the enemy fire for 15 sec.
Ultimate Defensive bombardment – you can summon mortar strike

Gibraltar is effective when your whole team is under heavy fire; you can open a blue dome shield and get your teammate protected for 15 seconds. You can summon mortar strike for any area, effective but not large area covered as Bangalore.

5. BloodHound

Passive Tracker- Revels all activities of enemy, footprints, doors opening, time of death.
Tactical Eye of All-father – Reveals enemy location in the area of maps
Ultimate Beast of Hunt – you can sense old tack of the enemy and increase speed

Bloodhound is the tracker which means you can track your enemy movement like footprints, door closing or opening and surprise them by attacking when they are hiding. Bloodhound is very effective when you are playing for XP or rank; you can check if the enemy is present in the area or area is clear to be looted.

Final words

So, these are the top 05 Apex legends characters guide which you can use to get most out of your game.

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