Get 1000 Free Instagram Followers Instantly Using Bot

If you are finding it difficult to get Instagram followers free of charge, then you can use our Instagram Followers Bot. We offer a unique opportunity, which will give you 1000 free Instagram followers. This online Bot will drip fed your order and provide followers in real human-like condition.

You can choose to get this free order to get instant or drip fed over a couple of days/weeks. We recommend using our service for drip-fed as this gives the signal to Instagram as your profile is acquiring the followers naturally.

We have taken many safety precautions which will help you secure your Instagram profile like making 256-bit encryption, and all followers will be sent through a private proxy connection which will be distributed across the world.

Check these proofs, which are from real people who have used our service. You can also submit your profile picture and number of followers you gain using our tool. This will encourage other people to use our online Instagram Followers Bot.

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How to Use our Online Instagram Bot

You need to provide three things to start our service.

  1. Enter your Instagram username with ‘@’ tag
  2. Select Followers (how much you want at a time)
  3. Select Drip Feed

(What is Drip feed: This is a unique concept which is used in SEO (search engine optimization), in this followers will be added to your profile in small number. It will ensure that it did not get caught in the Instagram algorithm. It ensures the safety of your Instagram account.)

Step 1# Enter Username

You have to provide us with your Instagram Username with @ tag. Do not type your password on Instagram; we do not need it. Make sure to check double your Instagram username, where you want followers to be added.

Step2 # Select Package

In this field, you have to provide no of followers you want to your account. You have to choose any number of followers which you want in your Instagram account. We have a wide range of packages; choose one which is suitable for you.

Step 3 #Drip Feed

Here you need to choose the delivery time of your followers; this is a unique method used to get followers or likes behaving as organic links. You can choose instant, or you can spread your followers for whole month or weeks.

Why should you listen to us?


We have made thousands of profiles with the best quality possible. All the Profiles are created by professional and equipped with profile picture, bio, and story. You are welcome to check all the follower’s profile when they are added to your Instagram profile.

Dripfeed of Followers?

We are the only online tool which provides drip feed followers; this is a unique feature which gives natural followers in the eye of the Instagram algorithm. You should never use any service provider who gives you 1,000 instant followers and bans your account.


The main problem with other online tools is they will provide your followers who did not interact with your story or post. We have solved this issue and our followers will interact with your storyline and will left comment on your pictures.


Safety of Instagram account is our primary goal, we are sending followers for two years now, and nothing bad has ever happened. We use 256-bit encryption and private proxy to send followers with time gap to prevent any misfortune.

Free of Charge

We are providing this facility free of charge with no strings attached. We do not want your Instagram password or any other personal details. We only require your username where we can send you free Instagram followers.

Check out some of the reviews by real people!


Unbelievable, I get my first 25K free Instagram followers within seven days. Thanks to you guys now my profile is getting more like an engagement.


I thought this website is similar to other websites which did not provide anything and always gives false promise. I am a relief when I got my first 10k free Instagram followers using Instagram Followers Bot.


I was struggling to get 100 followers on Instagram from past 4 months, and now I have 50k Instagram followers. Thank you guys you save my money and effort to get followers.


Try this website; you will be surprised how easy it to get 50,000 followers within 7 days. I stopped by “human verification test” nevertheless it works, and I got 50k followers. Try it!

Natural ways to get Free 1000 Instagram Followers Without Bot

If you don’t want to get free Instagram followers, then you can use these methods to get it naturally. We encourage you to check this method also, which will ensure natural followers in your profile.

Follow other people

You need to follow other people Instagram profile or story to get some followers. There are many people who will follow you when you choose to follow their post or story. You should target new Instagram user or user who did not have many followers, this way they will notice you and start following you.

Post two times daily

You need to post two times daily to get noticed, a recent study shows that Instagram users who did post daily two times get 25% more followers who post one time. You should consider using this strategy to get real followers on your Instagram profiles. Keep on posting daily to get more Instagram followers.

Relevant Hashtag

You should always include relevant Hashtag in your post to get noticed or followers. Hashtag is a new tool for 2018; this ensures you post goes in the proper categories and proper mindset of people. For example, if you are posting on dog issues, put Hashtag relevant to dog problem so that all people having a dog will get the post.

Make Good Profile and Bio

Last but not the least; you need to build a good profile and Bio to get more followers. You should get a choice picture which has some ‘WOW’ factors to get more followers on your Instagram profile. Profile and Bio are the deciding factors which will make or break any followers for you. Spend some time in making your Profile and Bio in Instagram.

Why there are surveys?

We have put some surveys to stop malicious program and bots taking advantage of our services. We ensure that our service is 100% human verified and should only be used by a human. Bots and the malicious program uses our services and make this website slow for real human. To counter those types of bots and malicious bots we have introduced a unique method “human verification test” which ensure only human can pass the test easily.

The survey will not charge you money; they are free and will ask simple opinion on the certain product. You need to fill out survey according to your choice. This survey can be completed within 2 to 3 minutes and are free.

If you are human, then it will be easy for you to complete these surveys. Imagine spending $50 to $150 to get those 50k Instagram followers, and we are providing those for free. You can get free followers using our system without spending any dime

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